School Tour

We offer tours for schools on weekdays in May and June, preferably Mondays or Fridays.

Depending on the number of children and accompanying adults (the minimum number of kids in a tour is 30) we will divide them into groups and optimise the programme to the number of children and their age and the weather.

The tour is intended for Y2 children and over.

Children and teachers will be lent beekeeping suits, including protective gloves and hat.

!Appropriate footwear must be brought individually, hiking shoes or wellingtons are best!

The length of the tour is designed to reflect the age of the children and the size of the group, there may need to be breaks for snacks, walking and changing into and out of the protective clothing.

The tour consists of the following

To book a tour, please go to the "Order" section.

 After arranging the date and time of your tour we will send you detailed instructions.

Payment for the tour is optional and will be donated to charity as part of "our charity" programme

If some child suffers from hypersensitive allergic reaction to the bee sting or has a panic fear of bees (apiphobia), we do not recommend visit our farm.