Family tour

Family tours are available on Saturdays from May to July. Please view the calendar for all available dates and times in "Upcoming Events" section.

We will tailor the tour to the age of your children, children under five can view the hives from a distance, those over 5 can tour a hive and apiary.

We will lend you a full-body bee suit that includes a veil and covers every part of your skin, as well as thick gloves.

!All participants should wear appropriate footwear, sturdy shoes or boots are best!

The tour takes approx. 2 hours and consists of the following

To book a tour, go to the "Order " section.

Payment for the tour is optional and will be donated to charity as part of "our charity" programme.

If you suffer from hypersensitive allergic reaction to the bee sting,  we do not recommend you visit our farm or if you do you must bring proper medication with you, in case you get stung.

In the "Attractions" section of our website you will find other interesting places you can visit locally, as well as refreshment opportunities.