Our organic approach

The quality of our honey harvest and the health of the hive have become more important than the quantity of honey we can extract from the hive.

We take into account the health and well-being of the farm, the land and the people involved.            

The surroundings of the farm provide access to a wide variety of flowering plants that yield nectar and pollen throughout the growing season and nearby sources of clean water.             

In our hives all painting is confined to the exterior of the hive, while the interior is limited to bare wood and beeswax.                

The bee is the only creature in the animal kingdom that does not kill or injure any other being as it goes through its regular life cycle. Honey bees take what they need in such a way that the world around them is improved.  They transform the nectar they collect from sugar water into sweet and health promoting honey. As a result beekeeping is a wonderful way to give back to the world.

Honey bees inspire us to apply their lessons to our daily life: that we should take what we need in such a way to do little or no harm, and always give something back, thereby making the world a better place.  

Our inspiration has been the approach taken by the British Beekeepers Association to promote the craft of beekeeping.