Erik & Adam's Bee Farm



My name is Erik and the person next to me is my brother, Adam

We both attend the Prague British School.                                                                   

Every Friday after school we go with our parents to our country house in Central Bohemia, 50km from Prague.                                                                                                                                                        

We like running and playing football, but often we do various jobs for our parents, helping in the garden and working around the bee hives.                          

We take care of 35 bee hives on our own.  Since early spring we've been opening the hives every weekend and watching what the bees do, how they collect pollen and make honey.

We have prepared interesting tours through the beefarm for our friends with parents and for schools.

The farm is equipped with a protective beekeping suit for everyone, along with new honeymaking facilities, a glass observation hive a presentation room for film screenings and a desire to show and explain it to you.

Between April and June we open the hives, take out the frames full of honey, sweep the honeycombs and put them into the honey extractor.

We just turn the handle and honey pours out of the frames.  It's the greatest experience ever and none of you should miss it. Then you can take the honey home.      


You can see everything we've prepared for you at our bee farm on our website.